Social Media

Get interesting, informative, and entertaining content which generates engagement and presence for your clinic in your region
–and maintain your relationship with your patients so that you are always in their mind.

Enhance your presence on Social Media

3 channels that increases your presence on Social Media

Increase awareness and strengthen your relationship with your patients – even when they are not at your clinic.

Do you want a targeted strategy for your social media? Maybe you would like to increase awareness of your clinic or have more personalized content which strengthens your relationship with your patients and gives them an insight into the life of your clinic, your staff, and your competences. Then you have the opportunity to get a tailored strategy and content plan created by our professional team for your clinic, based on your needs.

A targeted strategy for your activity on social media is important for your success on social media but also to define the point of your online presence. Together we figure out exactly what is the right solution for you.

  • Create a personal relationship with your patients which makes them want to share their experience with their social circle

  • Have a personalized strategy with tailored content which assists you in reaching your goals regarding your presence on social media

  • Have more time for your patients and the business of your clinic and let us take care of your social media activities

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Make your clinic more active and visible on social media

Do you often forget to update your social media and that you do not have any ideas for good content? We have a content library at your disposal which contains over 50 categories with posts about treatments, dental issues, fun facts, and tips about dental hygiene and much more.

Our content library contains both text, pictures, and videos, that way your social media feed will seem livelier for your patients and encourage them to follow your clinic. You choose freely from the content library and decide how many posts you want per month.

  • Be actively present where your current and potential patients, so they always have you in the back of their mind next time they need to book an appointment

  • Create a presence on your social media without having to spend time on content production

  • Receive interesting content that is exclusively curated for dentists, including text, pictures, and videos.

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