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We are your digital partner

For several years, we have helped clinics in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the USA to strengthen their digital presence. Whether you need new patients for your clinic, are interested in measuring your patients’ satisfaction and at the same time get positive online reviews, want to inspire and strengthen the relationship with your patients in the waiting room or on social media and at the same time inform them about your treatment options. we will help you with exactly what you need.


Optimise practice performance without losing time with the patients

As a dentist, you are working hard to provide the best possible service to your patients. It may therefore be difficult to simultaneously optimise your practice and strive for future growth, apart from at the yearly budget meeting, where it usually is too late to change course.
Dental Media’s Advisor discovers holes in your budgets before it’s too late, so you can make the right decision at the right time. All without taking time from what is most important – the treatments.

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No bookings, No Pay Marketing

We guarantee a 200% Return on Investment
Dental Media’s marketing campaigns are an effective tool to fill the empty seats in the dental chair, no matter if you have available capacity for patients in your practice, or want to expand with more treatment rooms.

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Create positive ambassadors for your clinic

With Dental Media’s Trustbuilder, you get a valuable tool to gain insight into your patients’ experiences at your practice, in turn improving your reputation, which is vital to the succes of your business.
Your patients will automatically receive an SMS or a mail with a link to a short customer satisfaction survey, after their consultation. Here, they can rate and comment on their experiences, providing you with constructive feedback and insight into the patient experience. If the review is positive, the system will direct the patient to your page on Trustpilot, Facebook, or Google+, where they can voice their praise.

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