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We make being a dentist easier

We are your digital partner. We help you attract more patients, inspire and inform them of the services you offer, and measure their satisfaction while at the same time getting you more positive reviews. No matter what needs you have, we help making your job as a dentist in the digital age easier.

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The thoughts behind Dental Media

Dental Media was founded on the idea of enhancing the lives of the practitioners and patients in the field of dentistry.

There lies an enormous potential within the industry, which we can exploit together through digitalisation. The way forward is paved by cooperation, which is why it’s our imperative to listen to the input and needs of our customers. Together, we create the greatest value for you and your patients.

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Your digital partner

We are on a mission to become your digital partner in all aspects. We have built a system that allows you to be flexible in selecting our solutions according to your needs. Our various modules are made to complement each other as best as possible, though they can be used independently of each other.

Our team consists of experienced members, who work together with dentists, patients, software developers and practice management systems providers to create the best framework for you, so that you can do what you do best – caring for your patients.

Our team

CEO / Co-founder Carsten Pedersen

Carsten Pedersen

CEO / Co-founder

Vice President Christian Boie

Christian Boie

Vice President

COO/CSO USA Jaymie Youngquist

Jaymie Youngquist


CMO Rasmus Lindgren

Rasmus Lindgren


Digital Campaign Manager Jeppe Nørgaard

Jeppe Nørgaard

Digital Campaign Manager

Digital Campaign Manager Johannes Drabæk

Johannes Drabæk

Digital Campaign Manager

CTO Mads Gyldhof

Mads Gyldhof


Lead Software Developer Thomas Kulmbach

Thomas Kulmbach

Lead Software Developer

Senior Software Developer Sune Saabye Pedersen

Sune Saabye Pedersen

Senior Software Developer

Creative lead & Art Director Andreas Haugland

Andreas Haugland

Creative lead & Art Director

Web designer (barsel) Gerd Geleff Nielsen

Gerd Geleff Nielsen

Web designer (barsel)

Web designer Josephine Kjeller

Josephine Kjeller

Web designer

Web designer Gabriela Arenas

Gabriela Arenas

Web designer

Datateknikerelev Anders Juul

Anders Juul


Photographer / Videographer Lars-Peter Bjørnson

Lars-Peter Bjørnson

Photographer / Videographer

Photographer / Videographer Assistant Stefan Thorndahl

Stefan Thorndahl

Photographer / Videographer Assistant

Project Manager Viktoriia Dupont

Viktoriia Dupont

Project Manager

Call Center Manager Amanda Haga

Amanda Haga

Call Center Manager

Patientbooker DK Aysha Malik

Aysha Malik

Patientbooker DK

Patientbooker DK Siff Andersen

Siff Andersen

Patientbooker DK

Patientbooker DK Emil Nitschke

Emil Nitschke

Patientbooker DK

Patientbooker NO & Salesconsultant Cecilie Li Hansen

Cecilie Li Hansen

Patientbooker NO & Salesconsultant

Patientbooker US Katherine Arias

Katherine Arias

Patientbooker US

Translator & Copywriter SE Estrid Ericson Borggren

Estrid Ericson Borggren

Translator & Copywriter SE

Office Maintenance Tommy Huszar

Tommy Huszar

Office Maintenance