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With Dental Media’s Trustbuilder, you get a valuable tool to gain insight into your patients’ experiences at your clinic, in turn improving your reputation, which is vital to the succes of your practice.

Your patients will automatically receive an SMS or a mail with a link to a short customer satisfaction survey, after their consultation. Here, they can rate and comment on their experiences, providing you with constructive feedback and insight into the patient experience. If the review is positive, the system will direct the patient to your page on Facebook, or Google, where they can voice their praise.

Turn negativity into positivity

With Trustbuilder you get a unique opportunity for turning negative experiences into positive ones for your patients. If a patient has had a bad experience at your clinic, they will be offered a call, so that you get the option to set the record straight. Trustbuilder can also be used internally at your clinic to measure employee satisfaction.

Implementation and operation

We implement the system at the clinic, and help you design your surveys to get the information most relevant to your needs. You get a login to the Dental Media system, so that you can review your online reputation at your own convenience.

We also track your perfomance on social media for you, and will update you as needed on your reputation as well as patient satisfaction with your clinic in general and with the individual practitioners.

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